GST Mission

Academic Skills

It is our intent that, in each of our schools, all students will develop the necessary study habits, learning strategies, personal organisation and time management skills to help them master their learning. Without mastery of learning, they will not fulfil their potential.

Intellectual Habits

To fulfil their potential, we will encourage the development of fierce concentration through sustained attention. Thoroughness, accuracy, meaningful reflection and critical analytical thinking will become taught skills in each of our academies.

Successful Citizens

In order to serve and become successful civic contributors we need to help our young people become socially aware; develop a strong moral conscience and become effective communicators. They will also need the highest of qualifications as well as being recognised as being digitally literate; capable of both analytical and critical thinking; self-motivated and purposefully productive.

Character and Leadership Traits

Character development is both taught and caught through lessons and the constant modelling of our ‘seven pillars of character’ which are aspiration and achievement, self-awareness, professionalism, integrity, respect and endeavour.   These are held together through the use of the acronym ASPIRE.

As part of our vision and ethos, we are keen to ensure that children leave our academies with a strong sense of their own mission and calling. When they are ready for the outside world, we want our students to leave with a desire to serve and to become the next generation of leaders.