GST Membership Checklist

To check if Great Schools Trust is the right trust for you, we have produced a short checklist that may help guide you.


All schools need to be within our core operating regions:

  • Schools must be located within c.25 miles/45min drive of Warrington HQ and clusters of schools within each regional ‘hub’ should each be within circa 3 mile radius from their central point.
  • We will not take on primary schools in operating areas that do not serve our existing trust secondary schools, or are not in our growth plans to serve a secondary school in the future.

Member Expectations

All schools within the trust:

  • Must share the same high expectations on outcomes for children.
  • Must be a firm believer in the vision, mission, ethos and specialism of the trust.
  • Be determined to continually improve their school/academy so that it offers the highest quality education possible in an inclusive and supportive environment.
  • Fully support the Trust’s strategic plan and engage fully with our executive team and faculty for education.
  • Must be willing to provide support to our existing academies and open to receiving support and advice in return.
  • Understand that the appointment of Directors to the Trust board is limited to a number of places and based on skills, expertise and experience. Local Chairs of Academy Councils may have the opportunity to become a trustee or represent their academy on a regional board level.
  • Understand the headteacher will become a member of the trust leadership team.
  • Have the support of stakeholders (governors, leaders, staff, students and parents) in being part of Great Schools Trust