Umar Hussain


My journey at Great Schools Trust started in the classroom as a trainee maths teacher.  I had worked in schools for ten years before starting my teacher training programme. The excellent support and training I received made me the teacher I am today.  

What is unique about my career at King’s, is that Great Schools Trust allowed me to continue in a senior leadership role while training to become a maths teacher allowing me to develop my leadership and classroom practice simultaneously.

The opportunities to develop as a leader are available every day at Great Schools Trust.  By embracing those opportunities, my leadership development has led me to become the Vice Principal at King’s Leadership Academy Warrington.

The ASPIRE values drive the ethos in all our academies.  The ASPIRE values are not simply a code I work by as a King’s member of staff or a King’s leader; the ASPIRE values are part of who I am as a person and sit alongside my fundamental beliefs as a member of society.