Sophie Graham


I joined Great Schools Trust in 2014 as a newly qualified teacher after being blown-away by the Trust’s specialism. I have always been passionate about character and leadership development and the important part that it plays in a student’s education.

In my time with Great Schools Trust, I have had the opportunity to develop myself as a leader through coaching, mentoring, leadership links and CPD both within King’s Leadership Academy Warrington and across the Trust. This has supported me with my progression from Lead Practitioner of PE, Creative Faculty Lead, Director of Specialism and to my current role as Vice Principal.

The ASPIRE code creates a bond for our staff as well as students as we share the same values and understand their importance when guiding our students to become successful citizens.

Everyday life at all the King’s Leadership Academies encapsulates our ethos and values – silent reading every morning, classrooms named after universities, sports, leader of the day, and community standards. We believe in high expectations without excuses. We have these high expectations because we care about the aspirations and achievements of all our students, regardless of their starting point. The Great Schools Trust educational model allows students to succeed because we set high expectations but crucially, we make them believe in their own ability to succeed.