GST MAT Dividend

Faculty for Education

To fully support our family of schools within our Faculty of Education model, the Trust operates a central ‘Faculty for Education’ team that works across all of our academies.

The Faculty for Education provides a wide range of expert education, and strategic and support services to all academies within the Trust and includes the:

  • Chief Executive
  • Chief Operating & Strategic Officer
  • Chief Finance Officer
  • Directors for: Education; People; Quality Systems; ICT; Capital, Estates & Facilities; Governance, Marketing & Communications
  • Heads of Service for Insight & Data; Personal Development; Initial Teacher Training/School Direct
  • Range of operational support staff who support each of the Directors directly through faculty teams. 

Each of our services has been developed with one goal in mind – to clear the path for our Academy Principals as the Trust Leadership Team so they can focus all of their energies on ensuring high-quality teaching in every classroom and achieving the priorities set out in their Academy Development Plan. All services have been designed with the best value for money in mind so that our academies can invest more of their income into recruiting, developing and retaining a great teacher for every classroom that drives improvement.

Financial Sustainability

The financial sustainability of our trust is as important as its academic sustainability and we run a robust and efficient organisation which is effective at maximising resources and potential.

Our academies pay an annual central services charge which is based on a set percentage of their GAG income. This funds the cost of the trust’s executive leadership and central ‘Faculty for Education’ team.

Membership ‘Dividend’

The Faculty for Education is there to offer a level of service well beyond that available had the academy remained by itself.

Standard operational management functions will always be dealt with by the academies in the first instance through strong internal systems, with the specialist and strategic support from the faculty providing higher-level professional support that an academy could not afford on its own. This additionality in service and additionality in savings is the ‘dividend’ or financial bonus by being a member of GST.