What is School Direct

School Direct is an innovative training route which allows you to choose the school in which you train. The Great Schools Trust offers the salaried and non-salaried School Direct Training.

The programme is a school-based training programme where you are based in one
school for your training apart from a work placement to another school within the Great Schools Trust.

How long is the course?

The course starts in September at the beginning of the academic year and ends during the last term of the academic year. 

What are my teaching expectations?

For the training route we will mentor you to gradually build up your teaching solo percentage and you are never left in the classroom on your own, there will always be a qualified teacher present. For the salaried route the teaching expectations vary and you may be handed a timetable of 70% maximum from your first day. 

What will I get at the end of my training?

You will qualify with a PGCE with Qualified Teacher Status and 60 Masters Level Credits.

I graduated with a 2:2; do I qualify for the School Direct course?

Yes, we accept 2:2 and above and a third class degree is now accepted in Computer Science, Maths and Physics (providing candidates have a B grade or above at A level or an A Level Equivalent at this level).

I don’t have a GCSE C grade or above in English/Maths yet, can I apply for the course and achieve these grades before I start my course?

No, you must have the C grade or above at the time of application.

Do I qualify for the School Direct Programme?

You must have a degree in a subject specialism relevant to the School Direct programme that you are applying for. Your degree must contain 50% content of the subject you wish to train to teach in. Our Personal Development Officer will support you with any enquiries. This can be evaluated through your degree transcript.